Portland: When you’ve left your heart in the Portland rain

Spring Break 2017!

We’ve been traveling to Portland a couple times a month to visit family lately. The routine is usually to drive there, see my mother in law, stay with my husband’s brother and family, maybe sneak away try  a new place to eat (we love the Portland food scene.)

We decided to do something a little different, stay a couple weekdays and invited little’s best friend and her mum along. I needed to log in and work during the day  so this was a wonderful solution – I would be able to focus on work while my friend took the littles out for adventure! And we could visit with family in the evening. And I was definitely looking forward to her company during the long drive.

We stayed at the Hyatt downtown in a newer area of town, near the University, OMSI food pods and River Walk. It was a little strange being in a part of the city that seemed to just pop up overnight but we do always like staying at the Hyatt. They do a great job for families – a little kitchenette, solid breakfast choices, a pool with noodles and life jackets you can borrow. The river walk is a great place for kids to stretch their legs; although for most of our time in the city, it was raining. It has been raining non stop since early October all over the Pacific Northwest.


Thursday was a bit of a whirlwind; she took the kids to OMSI (apparently, even better than the science center here!) for most of the day. Even though it was a weekday and not spring break in Portland, it was packed. I took calls and worked from the hotel and she sent pics of the kids. clearly enjoying their day.

After work and visiting our family, we took the kids

Neon Golf
Neon Mini Golf!

downtown to play mini golf at Glowing Greens, in the basement of a building downtown and we had late night dinner in the area. The kids passed out pretty early, exhausted from the fun.


The next day, the kids spent most of the day in the pool. They had the whole place to themselves! We were excited to take our friends to our favorite burger place in Portland, little big burger. Truffle fries, root beer floats and sliders? Perfect little sized burgers for littles. And as a bonus, we were able to pick up my mother in law to join us. Great local spring break trip!