Seattle: Happy, Happy Birthday – Happy, Happy DAY! Hey!

We celebrated a birthday in May! Little has had every birthday in the emerald city, including multiple park rentals (Carkeek, Magnusson), bouncy house in the back yard, and Pump It Up. We try to rotate a casual park celebration with something bigger, to include more kids. This year was a big year and little really loves the Burke museum, so we decided on a Dino Dig party!

I made homemade cupcakes and (for the first time) butter cream frosting with tiny dinos and chocolate rocks on top. We had Dino Claws (Bugles), Dino Gummies, Dino Bones (candy) and eggs (whoopers) – Dino everything! Little made the goodie bags himself. It was a little heavy on the sugar, but isn’t every good birthday celebration?

The Museum put on a great party. It was about two hours long and they started with dino mask making and a scavenger hunt in the museum. The kids seemed to have a blast! After the scavenger hunt came the much anticipated Dino Dig. The museum wheeled in a giant pit and dressed the kids up, ready to do their best to uncover a dino. Our little paleontologists did a great job revealing the bones. Little enjoyed it so much, he asked for his birthday to be there again next year. Thanks, Burke!