Barcelona: Spanish Nights (Tapas)

Oh, Barcelona. We have eaten so well.

There are two things you will see over and over again as you look for food in Barcelona: Paella (to be covered in another blog) and Tapas. Tapas happens to be the *perfect* food for traveling with kiddos.

Tapas are small savory dishes served at a bar. Here is the deal: the tapas bars open at lunchtime and don’t become real “bars” until much later at night. You can stop by a tapas bar with your kid for lunch or early dinner (we try to be done by 7) and you will be welcomed in. And what a treat – order a glass of Cava or Red wine and start exploring the menu.

We made a meal of tapas every single day in Barcelona. Of course there are touristy places that aren’t the best (I question “nachos” on an authentic tapas menu, but maybe I’m wrong). Honestly, there are SO MANY highly-rated tapas places on every block, a quick google search for reviews and the flexibility to walk another block will ensure you have an enjoyable experience.

Small plates mean that kids can try something without breaking the bank. Little always

Pan con Tomato

wanted Pan con Tomato (a bread toasted and spread with tomato and olive oil), olives, and a vegetable side (asparagus is in season now.) He would often try a fish or a ham as well. The adults ordered potatos bravos, a wonderful potato wedge with cheese and picante sauce, as well as other local treats like cheese plates, duck, scallops. A good rule of thumb is order a few “safe” things for the kids and a couple adventurous plates you would like to try.




Some of the fabulous places we ate wonderful tapas in Barcelona:

We had so many more recommendations but just hit up well rated places near our neighborhood (Born.) You really can’t go wrong with a quick google search and taking a peek at the menu.