Edinburgh: Head On

Lazy morning in Edinburgh! We woke up knowing today would mostly be a travel day again; this time to the Scottish Highlands. There was one thing on the agenda today and it was a simple one: find the Vermeer for mom!

Since I was a teenager and saw my first Vermeer painting in France (The Lacemaker), I have been captivated by his work. It looks so completely different in public than in a book. It’s also honest and dark and captivating. The work in the National Scottish Gallery is an important one – Christ in the Church of Mary and Martha is the first painting he did that survived. It shows a very different painter than his older surviving pieces – there are only 34 Vermeers in the world and as of today, I have seen 22!

Little loved the art. The gallery spanned the Italian renaissance work to the impressionists, which was his favorite. We talked about squinting our eyes and how the impressionists’ paintings would change, we looked at Greek mythology stories in oil. He held my hand and asked questions and even asked to take selfies in front of a few pictures. It was a lovely morning.



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