Aviemore: These are My Mountains

reindeer.jpg We weren’t moving fast this morning. Some of the electricity went out in the castle so we were without lights in the main bathroom and hallways. An electrician was on the way, but it seemed a great time to do some kid-friendly stuff and hit the local grocery for the last things on our Thanksgiving shopping list in preparation for the great feast tomorrow.

The roads were icy, even at 11 AM when we hit the road, even with the sun glaring down on us. We headed to Cairngorm National Park, where it was cold and clear. Our destination was the Cairngorms Reindeer Centre, where the only free-ranging herd of reindeer are in the UK. Little’s grandparents live very close to the Reindeer Farm in Palmer, Alaska and we enjoy visiting it so little guy was excited to meet more Reindeer! There  was even a post box for Santa, Liam wrote his letter in the Reindeer stall and made sure to drop it in the box before we left. Santa.jpg

After visiting a few big guys from the herd in the paddocks, we headed over to the Forest Visitor Centre for hot cocoa, coffee, treats and planning – we were heading to Aviemore to shop for the big Thanksgiving feast in the castle tomorrow. Aviemore is only about 15 miles cafe.jpgfrom the castle so it makes a great stop. Tomorrow will be a quiet day of cooking and listening to music with our friends and family that have travelled here to celebrate together. Looking forward to posting the pics!

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