Muckrach Castle: So Thankful

Our group was looking forward to Thanksgiving in the Castle. Once in a lifetime opportunity, right?

We started the morning splitting up: The Grays and Hubby went on a distillery tour. Did you know that if you are driving (or not drinking) and you go on such a tour, they give you all the samples in adorable little beakers to enjoy later?


Landmark Park, L to R: Mirror Illusion, Chimpifier, Black Light Hall, Table Illusion


My brother, myself and little opted to head to the kid-friendly Landmark Forest Park. We were surprised thursday-2thursday-4to find that it was closed due to ice after seeing it advertised many times as “open all year.” There was one fun indoor activity open – the Bamboolzeleum. It was full of camera obscuras, optical illusions, etc.

We were home by noon and ready to begin our feast. The Grays had procured a turkey and my brother had managed to find some great vegan options for his partner to cook up. (I kid – kind of.) We had a great feast and enjoyed each other’s company in the vaulted kitchen of a castle built in 1598. Adulting success!thursday-1

After dessert and dinner 2.0, the girls decided to walk up to Muckrach Country House to enjoy the lodthursday-3ge, which was dolled up in the most beautiful Christmas gear and had special holiday bevvies to serve. I don’t normally enjoy scotch but on this occasion I had a Scotch Hot Chocolate – perfect to warm me up before the long walk back to the castle in the cold and under the stars.

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