Edinburgh (Again): Sleep the Winter


Maggie and Trunk Tetris

We were scheduled to spend the entire week in the highlands and leave Saturday but our list of things to see and do in Edinburgh was just too long and compelling. The Gray family was leaving us on Friday to head back to Seattle via London. There was still much to do and see around the Castle but the truth is that Edinburgh called and I was It watired of seeing my own breath inside. Did I mention I think the castle is haunted?


We checked for last minute deals after confirming the change with my brother and his beautiful partner, our travel buddies through Sunday. We ended up finding an amazing situation: a GIANT elegant townhome in a posh neighborhood in Edinburgh that was available at a steep discount Friday night only. Huzzah! A plan was in place!posh

We spent a few hours cleaning up after out 6 nights of being quite settled in, checking every nook and doing all the things one last time. I drew a bath in the clawfoot tub in the Laird’s room and the other guests spent the morning cobbling together Thanksgiving leftovers for breakfast and eating as much as we could to clean out the fridge.

posh-2The townhome is amazing. It has 7 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms over four floors, 16 foot ceilings in most rooms except the stairs, where it goes up at least 30 feet to a glass ceiling. Posh isn’t even the right work – this house is amazing. A dream house. I would never leave if I lived here. It’s so perfectly lovely, on a corner so there are giant windows in all the rooms.

It’s right around the block from the wonderful St. Mary’s Cathedral, so we wandered over there and caught the last of a high school concert. We wandered around after the last song and again lit a candle for a loved one.

st-marys  st-marys-2

We are in the West end by Dean’s Park and we were able to walk three blocks to hit a retail and restaurant area. We let little pick a lovely place; Pizza Express.

Little having his third course and drinking chocolate

It was actually a perfect pick, they had a 3-course “bambino” dinner that he ordered, complete with a tiny cup of drinking chocolate served with dessert. Once home, little played foosball with his uncle and picked which ever bed and bedroom he wanted; and fell asleep so quickly as soon as his head hit the pillow!

We plan on heading out to see Rosslyn Chapel in the morning, the Edinburgh Underground tour in the afternoon and the Christmas Market in the evening. It should prove to be another long but fulfilling day that we are all looking forward to.

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